Merge Fruits

Some outstanding information about Merge Fruits

Merge Fruits is an arcade game where juicy puzzles are waiting for you. Dare yourself to get the highest score until a watermelon is produced.

The main theme of this game

Do you love fruits? This game will bring you relaxing moments with different fruits. With the colorful fruit theme, you will discover many types of fruits with different sizes. Your mission is to create new fruits. Merging fruits is done in a cycle. The colors of this game are also quite impressive as the fruits are drawn in a cartoon style. They are inspired by the colors and shapes of fruits in everyday life.

Therefore, this game is a great choice for fruit fans.

Sound effects and game music

Did you know that game sound plays an important part in the success of an online game? This game has fun music that matches the game's visuals. In addition, every time you merge two fruits together, a pleasant sound will appear. This helps players have a more enjoyable experience when they turn on the game sound. I Hope you have wonderful moments with this merging game.

Introduce Merge Fruits game rules

With simple gameplay, it only takes you a few seconds to understand the rules of this game. You will see in the middle of the screen a rectangular container. The fruits will be dropped into this container. The quantity of fruit is unlimited while the area of the container is limited. Therefore, you need to try to merge the fruits together to create more space in the container.

The fruit cycles in this game

Fruits combined together will create a new fruit. They will have a rule to create these new fruits. The smallest fruit is a grape while the largest fruit is a watermelon. This game will bring you an interesting loop. You can combine two watermelons to form one grape, thereby saving maximum space in the container. Next, I will give you the fruit cycle in this game. If you combine two similar fruits together, you will create a new fruit in this cycle.

Drop fruits

The fruits will appear on the screen but they have not been released into the container. Now, you need to click on the appropriate location to drop the fruits there. Keep similar fruits close together so there are many opportunities to create new fruits. These fruits are round so they can roll or bounce so they don't fall where you want them. To be able to conquer this game, you must predict situations that may occur when you choose a location to drop the fruit. In addition, you can use the push when a fruit falls to push two similar fruits to roll close to each other.

How to get the high scores in Merge Fruits

You can see your score in the corner of the screen. Every time you merge two of the same fruit, you will receive a certain number of points. The bigger the fruit you merge, the more points you get.

No supports

This game has simple gameplay but many people still comment that it is quite difficult to achieve high scores. The reason for this is because the game does not offer any support. You cannot change the position of the fruit or switch to another type of fruit. Of course, you also cannot undo your movement. This makes the game difficult and players more likely to get stuck.

The more fruits you merge the more scores you get

The number of fruits is infinite, so your score will also be infinite. Once one of the fruits touches the red line of the container, the game will end. At this time, the remaining fruits in the container will automatically explode and they will also give you a certain number of points. The larger the fruit, the more points it will bring you. You can compete with your friends to see who has the most points.

Some tips to play Merge Fruits

You will probably need some tips to conquer this game. You may find this game quite easy, however it is difficult to achieve high scores and maintain this game for a long time.

Game control: You need to click the left mouse button on the position you want to drop the fruits.

Overall, this game deserves to be an entertaining game in your free time. You can experience this game for free on your device connected to the Internet. If you love this game, you can share this game with your friends.