Core Mechanics in Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D is a wonderful driving game that allows you to show off your driving skills. Attempt to reach the furthest distance in the shortest time.

Exploring game modes

If you are searching for exciting games like Merge Fruits, I recommend this game. This game offers 4 game modes with their unique features that bring you an engaging and immersive experience. You can select between these games at the start of the game.

  • Career Mode: If you are a skilled driver, you should try Career Mode which provides up to 80 levels. Each level challenges you to complete a distinct task. For instance, you will be tasked with reaching checkpoints in time, making many points in a certain time, driving a certain distance in a limited time, or overtaking other vehicles on the road in a required time. You must drive your car carefully to evade all vehicles on the road and raise your speed to complete your missions as soon as possible. The next level will be unlocked after you win the previous one.
  • Infinite Mode: If you want to find a game mode to practice your driving skills, Infinite Mode is the best choice. With no mission, this game mode provides a relaxing experience. Note that hitting other vehicles will lead to the end of your endless adventure in this game mode.
  • Time Against Mode: If you are looking for something thrilling, you should try playing the Time Against Mode. Each race in this game mode must be completed in 100 seconds. The sooner you can reach the finish line, the higher your reward is.
  • Free Mode: The final game mode is Free Mode which also offers an infinite race and requires no task. Moreover, if you crash into other vehicles on the road, your car will reappear and you can continue your adventure.

Racing on various tracks

Another impressive feature of this game is its diversity of racetracks. Except for the Career Mode, other game modes allow you to choose between three race tracks which are Highway, Desert, and City. Moreover, you can select between the one-way racetrack and the two-way racetrack. You should consider their features before choosing a suitable racetrack.


If you want to drive your car to the left or right to dodge vehicles, use the left-right arrow keys.

If you want to raise your speed, hold the up arrow key.

If you want to decrease the speed of your car, hold a down arrow key.

Car customizing system of Traffic Jam 3D

Before starting your adventure, you should visit the garage to choose your favorite car. This interesting game offers 21 cars with different designs and colors. You can use your money to purchase more impressive cars in the garage. Then, you are allowed to customize your car by upgrading its performance rating. Besides, do not forget to change the color of your car and its grims. This is an opportunity to show off your aesthetic skills and create a unique car for you.