Fresh Gameplay of Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes is an entertaining merging game that features engaging gameplay. This game challenges you to combine two similar cakes to unlock new recipes.

Combine identical cakes

If you are looking for an interesting merging game like Suika Game, this game is the best choice. In this game, you will play as a chef who can make many delicious cakes. To create new yummy cakes, you need to combine two identical cakes. Combining cakes will help you earn many points. Accumulate as many points as possible to reach the highest level. When you reach higher levels, new spaces will be unlocked. Therefore, you can place more cakes on the table. In addition, the cakes on the tables will generate gold coins automatically. The number of coins they produce will depend on the size of the cakes. Therefore, if you want to earn more coins, attempt to create the biggest and most delicious cakes.

The shop

Besides waiting for new cakes to be generated automatically, you can visit the shop to purchase new cakes. Note that you are allowed to purchase unlocked cakes such as Mediterranean sweets, panellet choco-cocos, cannolo semplices, and so on. In fact, they are really expensive, so you should accumulate as many coins as possible to purchase the necessary cakes.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the cakes to merge them.

Achievement list of Merge Cakes

This game offers a list of 7 achievements that you must accomplish. Here are some tips to earn them.

  • Innovative Bake: Attempt to discover 10 new recipes to unlock this achievement.
  • Expert Merger: If you want to unlock this achievement, try to reach Level 10.
  • Sweet tooth buyer: To unlock this achievement, you should purchase 50 sweets.
  • Chef Merger: If you can merge identical cakes in 1.2k times, this achievement will be unlocked.
  • Impatient Cook: Tap sweet cover 700 if you want to earn this achievement.
  • Dessert Lover: The only way to get this achievement is to open 300 sweet covers.
  • Exquisite Palate: If you want to complete this achievement, you must open 40 surprise sweets.