A Challenging Encounter in Cuphead

Dive into challenging boss battles in Cuphead now. Do your best to defeat all bosses to collect soul contracts and repay their debt to the devil.

The Phases of Battle with Wally Warbles

Like Vampire Survivors, this game also offers you a variety of challenging boss battles. Among them, the encounter with Wally Warbles stands out as a memorable and demanding fight. The fight includes three phases in which the boss will attack you in different ways.

  • Phase 1: The battle begins with the Feathered Fury phase. In this phase, you face Wally Warbles who is a birdhouse inhabited by a feisty bird. This boss attacks you by launching eggs and using his beak to peck. You must dodge the eggs and avoid Wally's beak while returning fire with your own shots.
  • Phase 2: The second phase is the Eggy Escapade phase in which Wally transforms into an egg-spewing bird. He releases an onslaught of eggs that you must evade while simultaneously dealing damage. Note that the eggs come in various patterns and trajectories, requiring you to exhibit precise maneuvering and timing.
  • Phase 3: The final phase is the Avian Apocalypse in which the boss undergoes another transformation. He grows larger and more menacing. He takes flight, launching homing feathers towards you while swooping down to attack with his beak. You must employ quick reflexes and agile movement to evade the homing feathers and avoid Wally's relentless assaults.

Try to defeat Wally in this final phase to get a victory. After winning the fight in this game, you should spend time checking out Merge Fruits which is also an awesome game on our website.


If you want to fly up, down, left, or right, use the arrow keys.

If you want to choose the level of difficulty, use a Z key.

If you want to shoot down the boss, hold an X key.

If you want to shrink, use a C key.

If you want to swap the weapons, use a Q key.

All levels of difficulty of Cuphead

This game offers a range of difficulty levels, including Simple, Regular, Expert, and Invisible Challenge.

  • Simple Level: This level serves as an entry point for you, providing a gentle introduction to the game's mechanics.
  • Regular Level: This level presents a notable step up in difficulty. At this level, the boss will become more powerful, which requires you to think strategically, adapt quickly, and exhibit precise timing in your actions.
  • Expert Level: This level truly puts your skills to the test. In this level, Wally Warble becomes extremely strong, so you should be careful.
  • Invisible Challenge: This is the most challenging level in this game which pushes you to your limits in an extraordinary way. In this level, all the projectiles launched by the boss are invisible. Therefore, you should look carefully to evade the attacks of the boss.