Notable information about Slice Master

Slice Master puts you in control of a knife to cut through various objects. Can you evade all obstacles and guide the knife to reach the finish line safely?

Engaging Gameplay

This game's gameplay revolves around guiding a knife to cut through a variety of objects, including fruits, cheeses, breads, chocolate bars, cakes, and more. Each successful cut earns you money while hitting obstacles such as spike traps or iron bars ends the game. You must exercise caution and skillfully maneuver the knife to avoid hazards and reach the finish line swiftly. Additionally, hitting bonus areas at the finish line provides an opportunity to earn extra money, enhancing the excitement and reward system of the game.

Numerous Challenging Levels

This game captivates you with a vast collection of levels, offering you a multitude of challenges. While the objective remains consistent across levels, the obstacles and cuttable objects vary, ensuring each level presents a unique experience. Players must showcase their knife mastery by conquering all levels, proving their skill and determination in this knife-cutting adventure.

How to control: If you want to control the knife to cut objects, click the left mouse button.

Knife Shop and Weapon Selection

As you accumulate money throughout the game, you gain access to the knife shop. The shop offers a diverse selection of weapons beyond just knives, including axes, saws, swords, and more. By spending $5, players can unlock a random weapon, which they can then wield to cut objects in the game. The ability to unlock and utilize different weapons adds an element of customization and variety to the gameplay, motivating you to accumulate funds and unlock all nine weapons available. Come on! Spend your time playing Slice Master which is an addictive arcade game now. Besides, remember to check out Suika Game which is also interesting.