Interesting things about Idle Explorer

Take a look at Idle Explorer which is an awesome idle game. This game challenges you to manage miners, unlock new shafts, and collect diamonds on the planet.

The plot

A team of three explorers is on their way to discover new planets in the universe. One day, they reach a planet that hides many diamonds. They are excited and get ready to mine the diamonds on the planet. Their objective is to collect as many diamonds as possible and bring them to the Earth.

The mining work

When playing this game, you will become the leader of a team of three explorers. You need to unlock a shaft and guide the digger in the shaft to collect the diamonds. Then, you must control the explorer in the elevator to transport the diamonds from the shaft to the rocket cargo on the ground. Finally, take control of the explorer in the rocket cargo to collect the diamonds and sell them to earn a lot of money. Note that you can upgrade these explorers to collect and transport more diamonds. Besides, you hire managers who assist you in monitoring the workers. Additionally, you can use your money to unlock new shafts because you can mine more diamonds in the deeper places of the planet. Your ultimate goal is to mine all diamonds on the planet before returning to the Earth. Besides, check out Idle Breakout which is another amazing idle on our website.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to guide the miner to move and dig.

Useful Tips of Idle Explorer

  • You should prioritize upgrading the workers and managers, which helps to boost their productivity.
  • Try to help the elevator reach all shafts and transport all diamonds at the same time.
  • Do not focus on unlocking new shafts too much.