Unique things of Suika Game

Suika Game is an intriguing merging game featuring a Japanese theme. When joining this game, you are tasked with merging similar fruits to earn many points.

More addictive gameplay

Although this game was inspired by Merge Fruits, it seems that the gameplay in this game is more addictive. Therefore, do not hesitate to try this game now. This game tasks you with combining fruits such as cherries, grapes, strawberries, oranges, apples, pears, dekopons, peaches, pineapples, melons, and watermelons. New and more valuable ones will be created after combining them. You can merge two or more fruits as long as they are the same type. You should drop these fruits onto each other. When a higher-level fruit is created, your point value will increase. The number of points you get will depend on the size of the fruits. Your ultimate objective is to create as many watermelons as possible and gain the highest possible score. Note that two watermelons cannot be combined because the watermelon is the biggest fruit in this game. When you have the watermelons, you should try to protect them as long as possible.

The weekly world rankings

Unlike other merging games, this game offers a new feature which is weekly world rankings. The first leaderboard is the best score leaderboard. This leaderboard shows the top 9 players who get the most points in this game. The second leaderboard is the watermelon RTA leaderboard. This leaderboard displays the top 9 players who keep the watermelons for the longest time. The statistics of these leaderboards will be reset weekly. Play the game and let's see whether you can get the high ranks on these global rankings.

How to control: If you want to drop the fruits, click the left mouse.

Useful Strategies of Suika Game

Plan your combines in advance

Firstly, you should take a moment to strategize before dropping and combining fruits. Do your best to search for good chances to create bigger fruits by merging similar ones. You should consider the potential outcomes after merging fruits and aim to create the biggest fruits possible. In addition, do not forget to focus on big fruits because they are worth more points than others.

Find an opportunity to clear the board

The second tactic I want to suggest is to look for chances to create chain reactions. This is the best way to create the biggest fruit faster and clear the large sections of the board with a single merge. In addition, this also helps you earn more points at once and opens up space for new combines.

Keep an eye on the top line

When the playing field is about to be full of fruits, the line will appear with the aim of warning you of the limit of the game. If the fruits reach this line, others will be destroyed and the game is over. Therefore, you should attempt to keep your fruits to stay away from this line as far as possible.