The playing instruction of Poor Bunny

Brace yourself with the thrilling hunt for carrots in Poor Bunny. You are challenged to take control of the rabbit to dodge dangers in the forest.

The hunt for carrots

Like Merge Fruits, this is also an interesting arcade game that allows you to transform into a little rabbit. You are really hungry, so you must run around the forest to hunt for yummy carrots now. Your score will depend on the number of carrots you consume. You will earn 1 point if you eat a normal carrot. If you want to get more points, attempt to collect golden carrots. Your ultimate goal is to survive as long as possible, collect many carrots, and gain the highest possible score.

The dangers in the forest

While hunting for carrots, you should watch out for dangers in the forest. They will gradually appear and hurt you. Here are some dominant hazards and effective tips to dodge them.

  • Arrows: They are the first dangers appearing in the forest. They are dropping from the sky at a slow speed, so you should move left or right to evade them.
  • Buzzsaws: They often move from left to right or up to down and then disappear. Jump as high as possible to evade these buzzsaws.
  • Cannons: They are able to launch bullets to shoot down you. You should jump to evade their bullets.
  • Rolling balls: Before they appear, you can see warning signs. You should run away before they appear.
  • Spiky balls: The small spiky balls will fly around the forest. If you want to evade them, run and jump as high as possible.



If you want to guide the white rabbit to move left or right, use the left-right arrow keys.

If you want to control the white rabbit to jump, use an up arrow key.


If you want to guide the black rabbit to move left or right, use the A-D keys.

If you want to control of the black rabbit to jump, use a W key.

Active game modes of Poor Bunny

1-Player Mode

The main reason that helps to attract many players is the diversity of game modes of the game. In this game, you can select between three game modes. the first one I want to introduce is the 1-Player Mode. This mode allows you to join the hunt for carrots alone. You will encounter the dangers alone, so you should be careful. Keep yourself away from the dangers in the forest if you do not want to lose soon.

2-Player Mode

The second game mode in this game is 2-Player Mode which allows you to invite your friends to join the hunt for carrots with you. In this game mode, you and your friend will cooperate to dodge all hazards in the forest and collect as many carrots as possible. Your score will be the sum of two players' scores. The game will end when both players crash into the dangers in the forest.

In contrast, if you want to compete with your friend, you can try the Vs Mode. This mode requires you to collect more carrots and survive longer than your opponent does. The hunt will end when you or your friend hits the obstacles.