Wonderful information about The Baby In Yellow

Play The Baby In Yellow to uncover the secrets lurking within the haunted house. Take care of the little boy and try to stay alive for three days.

The story behind the game

This game starts when you apply for the babysitter of a family. This family has a little son. On the first day, you experience supernatural occurrences, such as the baby teleporting and strange noises. Despite these disturbances, you carry out your routine tasks of feeding, changing diapers, and putting the baby to bed. Day two brings more unsettling experiences. On the second day, you reprimand the baby for mischievous behavior. Lights go out, doors lock, and the baby showcases telekinetic powers. You must find a spare diaper in the parents' locked bedroom, leading to the discovery of a storage room containing a tape from a previous babysitter. The tape reveals that previous babysitters' souls are trapped by the Baby in Yellow, but the sitter can free their souls by touching cat drawings. On the final day, you are plagued by thoughts of the baby showing them his dreams. The apartment turns dark, cryptic messages appear, and you must feed the baby despite the eerie atmosphere. In a surreal sequence, you retrieve milk from a hallway, feed the baby, and attempt to change his diaper. However, the baby transforms into a demonic form, leading the sitter to try to exorcise him with a talisman found earlier. Unfortunately, your efforts fail, and the baby reveals his true nature as a possible spawn of the Outer God Hastur. You are brought to another dimension called Carcosa, where your soul is damned alongside other trapped sitters.

Immersive gameplay

This game places you in the role of a babysitter trapped within an eerie house. As you venture through dimly lit corridors and haunting rooms, they must carefully search for clues, keys, and items while evading or confronting lurking dangers. The missions will be shown at the top of the screen, so you must complete the assigned missions. Sometimes, the baby can disappear or you can hear scary noises. You should keep calm and look after the boy carefully. Your ultimate goal is to survive three days and leave the house safely.


If you want to move around, use the arrow keys.

If you want to look around, use the mouse/

If you want to open or close the door or interact with the objects, use an E key.

If you want to jump, use the spacebar.