Competitive gameplay of Animal Arena

Are you ready for thrilling fights between animals in Animal Arena? Jump and stomp other animals as many times as possible to gain the highest score.

Battles of animals

After the success of Poor Bunny, the game studio Adventure Islands released this new game. In this game, you will have a chance to transform into more animals in the forest such as rabbits, pigs, cats, frogs, hedgehogs, hamsters, chickens, and so on. You must run around and jump on the heads of the other 3 animals in the arena. You will be rewarded with one point after stomping an enemy. Note that if you are stomped, wait for seconds to stand up and continue your fight. However, do not let any animal jump on your head. Your ultimate goal is to earn the highest possible score to become the king of the forest.

How to control


Use the spacebar to guide your animal to move and jump.


PLAYER 1: Use a P key to guide the pig to move and jump.

PLAYER 2: Use an N key to guide the cat to move and jump.

PLAYER 3: Use a W key to control the white rabbit to move and jump.

PLAYER 4: Use a C key to guide the frog to move and jump.

Playable game modes of Animal Arena

Like Ludo Karts, this game also features 4 game modes which are 1P MODE, 2P MODE, 3P MODE, and 4P MODE. If you play this game alone, you can select the 1P Mode. In contrast, if you want to have fun with your friends, you can select the 2P Mode, 3P Mode, or 4P Mode. In addition, the game also offers two sub-modes.

  • Team Mode: This mode allows you to play as a team with another player. You and your teammate must cooperate in stomping two animals of the opposite team to earn the highest score. Your goal is to become the strongest animal team in the forest.
  • Vs Mode: This mode requires you to join the fight alone, so you should protect yourself from the attacks of all animals in the forest. Your ultimate objective is to become the king of the forest.