Simple mechanics of Pets Rush

Relax with Pets Rush which is an excellent arcade game. Rescue the pets and gain the highest score by eliminating three or more adjacent tiles at the same time.

Remove groups of tiles

This interesting game immerses you in a vibrant world where adorable pets find themselves trapped between colorful tiles. In this game, your mission is to free the pets by strategically eliminating adjacent tiles of the same color. You should carefully plan your moves to maximize the number of tiles cleared in a single action as the score depends on the quantity of eliminated tiles. By strategically identifying and removing larger groups of tiles, you can create chain reactions and earn bonus points, progressing through the game's levels

Hidden rewards

This game presents you with treasure chests that contain valuable power-ups. It is crucial to prioritize opening these chests, as they hold additional power-ups that can significantly impact gameplay. However, players must exercise caution when using the bomb power-up near a treasure chest, as it may cause the chest to disappear along with its rewards. By strategically timing their actions and opening chests before triggering bombs, players can optimize their chances of securing powerful bonuses.

How to control: If you want to destroy the tiles, you should click the left mouse button.

Dynamic Power-ups in Pets Rush

To aid you in your tile-clearing mission, this game offers a variety of power-ups that can be obtained during gameplay. These power-ups include rockets, bombs, paintbrushes, and hammers, each with unique abilities. Rockets can obliterate entire rows or columns of tiles, while bombs clear nearby tiles. Paintbrushes change the color of surrounding tiles, and hammers can destroy individual tiles. Utilizing these power-ups strategically can help players clear challenging sections and maximize their scores.

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