The Mechanics of Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush is a great puzzle game featuring fast-paced gameplay. This game challenges you to combine the most identical diamonds and earn the highest score.

Like Suika Game, this game also offers an immersive and addictive gaming experience. This game presents you with a grid with colorful diamonds of various shapes and size. You must merge identical diamonds by placing them adjacent to each other. As the diamonds merge, they will be eliminated from the playing field and you will earn many points. Remember that the time limit is 1 minute. Your goal is to earn the highest possible score and remove the most diamonds in the grid.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to swap the diamonds.

Effective tips to master Diamond Rush

Create special diamonds

To maximize your success in this game, you must employ strategic decision-making. The first tip is to create the special diamonds. For example, if you want to creat a fire diamond, you must combine four identical diamonds. The fire diamond can eliminate many nearby diamonds. If you merge five similar diamonds, a striking diamond will be created. The striking diamond can clear a row and a column of diamonds at the same time. Merging six similar diamonds helps to create a rainbow diamond. If you match a diamond with this rainbow diamond, other similar diamonds in the grid will be removed.

Keep the grid organized

Furthermore, I recommend making an effort to maintain an orderly grid to allow room for new gems and potential merges. It is important to prevent the grid from becoming completely filled, as this can restrict your options for merging. By removing unnecessary gems and strategically planning your moves to create open spaces, you can create advantageous conditions for future merges. Additionally, invest time in becoming acquainted with the game mechanics, drawing lessons from your errors, and adjusting your strategies accordingly. Through perseverance and a determined mindset, your merging abilities will progressively enhance, heightening your likelihood of achieving victory.