Idle gameplay of Spacebar Clicker

Spacebar Clicker is a trending idle game that tests your patience and finger dexterity. Push your click count and unlock all upgrades in the game.

This game tasks you with pressing the virtual spacebar to accumulate points. Each press of the spacebar is worth one point, and the game provides an endless canvas for you to showcase your clicking prowess. With no time limit or restrictions, you can immerse yourself in this clicking frenzy for as long as your heart desires.

How to control: Click the left mouse button at the virtual spacebar.

Unlockable Upgrades for Enhanced Progress

As you diligently accumulate points through your tireless clicking, Spacebar Clicker rewards your dedication by offering a range of upgrades and automation systems. These upgrades serve to boost your point generation per click and reduce the reliance on manual clicking, taking your gameplay to new heights.

  • Monkey: The monkey serves as your loyal assistant, clicking the spacebar every 5 seconds. With this upgrade, you can enjoy a helping hand that keeps the points flowing even during brief moments of respite.
  • Boomer Mom: The boomer mom takes over the clicking duties with impressive efficiency, pressing the spacebar three times per second. With her assistance, you can witness your point tally skyrocket, leaving you in awe of her rapid-fire clicking abilities.
  • Gen Z Kid: This tech-savvy prodigy is a spacebar-clicking virtuoso, able to press the spacebar a staggering 20 times per second. With the Gen Z Kid by your side, you'll experience a clicking frenzy like never before, propelling your points to unprecedented levels.
  • Keyboard Upgrade: This upgrade empowers you to double your own hits. By optimizing your clicking technique and efficiency, you can make every press of the spacebar count for two points, effectively doubling your point generation.
  • Angry Influencer: The influencer brings her fiery passion to the game, clicking the spacebar at an astounding rate of 644 times per second. With her unparalleled speed and dedication, the Angry Influencer becomes an invaluable asset in your quest for the highest click count.
  • MOBA Gamer: The gamer, well-versed in the art of rapid clicking, showcases incredible agility by pressing the spacebar 600 times per second. With lightning-fast reflexes and precision, the MOBA Gamer becomes a force to be reckoned with, accelerating your click count to astronomical levels.