Exciting gameplay of Red Ball 4

Welcome to Red Ball 4 which is the fourth version of the Red Ball series. Guide a red ball to reach the finish line without hitting evil black squares.

New adventures

This new installment will take you to new lands in which you will encounter new challenges and puzzles. In the adventures, all you need to do is to control the red ball to roll as fast as possible to reach the finish line in the shortest time. You can find many stars along the way, so try to pick them up. In addition, you should watch out for dangers such as rivers and evil black squares. If the red ball falls into the river, it will die immediately because of the shortage of oxygen. Therefore, you should take control of the ball to jump as high as possible to overcome the river. In addition, if the evil black squares are the enemies of the red ball. If the red ball crashes into them three times, the game is over. Therefore, attempt to guide the ball to jump over the squares or eliminate them by hitting their heads or forcing them to the wall.

How to control

Use the left-right arrow keys to guide the red ball to roll to the left or right.

Use an up arrow key to guide the ball to jump.

Interesting levels and maps of Red Ball 4

Like Om Nom Run, this game also features many maps and levels. There is a total of 5 maps in this game. They are Green Hills, Deep Forest, Box Factory, Battle For The Moon, and Into The Caves. In each map, you are required to complete 15 levels. Each level introduces new obstacles and mechanics, so you must master all skills to conquer all maps and win all levels in this game.