The playing guideline of Doggy Gotta Dance

Are you ready for the chase between Doggy and a little boy in Doggy Gotta Dance? Jump and run to avoid Doggy's relentless attacks and attempt to survive.

In this game, you will play as a little boy. You live with a dog called Doggy. Doggy really loves the dancing show. If you change to another show, the dog will get angry. It will chase after you and attack you. Before Doggy attacks you, the warning sign will appear. You should evade the place where the warning sign emerges. Jump and run to dodge Doggy's moves. This game tests your reflexes and requires your split-second decisions to dodge incoming attacks. Attempt to stay alive as long as possible to gain as many points as possible. If you want to gain bonus points, try getting close to Doggy's head. The game will end if you reach the end of the hall of the house.


Use A-D keys or left-right arrow keys to guide the boy to move left or right.

Use a W key or spacebar to jump.

Hold the spacebar if you want to jump higher.

Relevant information Doggy Gotta Dance

Vibrant graphics and catchy music

One dominant aspect of this game is its captivating graphics. Its impressive 3D visuals provide the most realistic playing experience. Moreover, to further elevate the challenge, the game surprises you by switching up the music during the chase. Let's feel the beat and synchronize your actions with the rhythm. The incorporation of different music genres and dance styles enhances the game's replayability and keeps you engaged.

Developer and release date

This game was developed by joel_b_dev and released in 2023. It is available on the browser and playable on PC. Do not forget to invite your friends to join this exciting dance-filled adventure. Besides, I want to introduce Poor Bunny which is also an interesting game on our website.