Thrilling adventure in Headcase

Headcase is an awesome adventure game published by Aaron Steed. Guide Norman Noggin to collect as many diamonds as possible and evade dangers.

Collecting diamonds and boosters

Besides Merge Fruits, this game is also the best choice for you. When joining this game, you will transform into Norman Noggin who is transported to a wonderful world. In this world, everyone is able to walk on walls and like a superhero. Your mission is to walk around the world to find the green diamonds. They are scattered along the way, so you can easily collect many green diamonds. Besides diamonds, the health boosters are also pickable items. They help to create one block of health at a time, so you should try to collect them. During the adventure, you can destroy pink blocks by changing the gravity. Moreover, if you want to transport quickly to other places, you can jump on the pipes. Your ultimate goal is to collect all diamonds and reach the exit machine. Jump into the exit machine to move to the next level.

Evading hazards

During the adventures, you will encounter many hazards such as yellow spikes, sticky green blocks, and big blue blocks. Stepping into yellow spikes can cause instant death, so you should change your gravity to evade them. Moreover, the big blue blocks will move vertically or horizontally and act as a danger and platform. You can jump on them. However, when two blue blocks are about to hit each other, you should leave them. Furthermore, the green blocks are really sticky, so you cannot change your gravity when standing on these blocks.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to guide the character to move around.

Use the spacebar to change your character's gravity or attack the enemies.

Enemies in Headcase

Besides obstacles, you also need to take caution with different enemies who can murder you every time. Here is the list of rivals in this game.

  • Green goons: They appear at level 2 and fly around the playing field. You should change your gravity suddenly to attack and defeat them.
  • Lazy riders: You can meet them at level 2. They drive a contraption to move from left to right and vice versa.
  • Napping guards: These guards sleep next to cannon. Try not to wake them up. They will fire the cannon when being woken up.
  • Wrecking balls: You will meet the wrecking balls at level 14. They are able to swing 360 degrees and cannot be defeated. Therefore, you had better evade these balls.
  • Electro dudes: They appear at level 7. They are able to launch electricity, so try not to contact them.
  • Spikey blocks: They appear at level 1 and full of spikes. Hitting these spikey blocks can result in instant death.
  • Blue gunbusters: When you visit the land of the blue gunbuster at level 8, you will meet these enemies. They are cousins of napping guards. However, they are always awake and able to fire spikes and cannons. Moreover, there is no way to take down blue gunbusters. Therefore, I advise you to evade these gunbusters and their projectiles at all costs.
  • Punchos: These rivals are able to punch you occasionally.