Interesting gameplay of Dizzying

Dizzying is a brain-teasing maze game that challenges you to guide the ball to roll to the exit portals. Take caution with the obstacles in the maze.

If you want to test your wit, reflexes, and perseverance, this game is the best choice. In this game, you will rotate the maze to guide a ball to navigate through a convoluted network of pathways. Note that the maze can be rotated 360 degrees. Your target is to search for an exit portal of the maze in the shortest time. The maze is full of many dangers that will stop your ball from reaching the exit portal. Here is the list of hazards you should take caution for.

  • Fans: The fans will blow your ball, which challenges you to control the ball to move.
  • Bouncing balls: Your ball will be bounced further when hitting the bouncing balls.
  • Movable bars: The bars will move when you rotate the maze. They will stop your ball from entering the portals.

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How to control

Press the Enter key to start the game.

Hold the left mouse button or tap the screen to rotate the maze.

Tips to escape the maze in Dizzying

Start from the End

The first tip is to mentally reverse the maze and imagine yourself at the exit. This perspective can sometimes make it easier to identify the correct path to reach the goal. To eliminate unproductive paths, you should explore dead ends early in the game. By doing so, you can quickly rule out certain routes and focus on more promising areas of the maze.

Keep Track of Your Movements

In addition, I advise you to keep a mental or physical note of the paths you've explored. This way, you won't waste time revisiting areas you've already explored. Remember that mazes often have patterns or repeated elements that can guide you through the correct path. Pay attention to the design of the maze and look for recurring shapes, colors, or symbols that might help you navigate.