Endless runner mechanics of Om Nom Run

It is time to dive into the endless runner world in Om Nom Run. You are tasked with guiding Om Nom to run far and collect coins, stars, and letters.

Join wonderful adventures

Like Merge Fruits, this game offers an addictive and engaging gameplay experience. In this game, you will play as Om Nom who is a lovable green creature with an insatiable appetite for candy. You must embark on a thrilling adventure in which you will encounter different obstacles such as gaps, spikes, and enemy creatures. You need to avoid or overcome them and run as far as possible. Your ultimate goal is to stay alive as long as possible while gathering power-ups and bonuses to boost your score and achieve new milestones.

When you get a high score, your ranks on the global ranking and stunt championship leaderboard will increase. The global ranking shows the score that you earn after completing missions in the game. Meanwhile, the stunt championship leaderboard will show the score you get by performing stunts until the time is up.

Unlock new alien characters

In this game, you have an opportunity to unlock new characters to add variety and customization to your gameplay. You can unlock 16 characters with different appearances. You can use your coins to purchase them or join special events to unlock rare characters. Note that the rare characters own distinct abilities or visual designs, adding a temporary but exciting addition to the character roster.

Controls: If you want to take control of Om Nom, use the arrow keys.

Impressive features of Om Nom Run

Unlockable new locations

The game features 12 chapters and many levels. In each level, you will traverse a distinct land in which you guide Om Nom through this endless runner adventure. Here are some examples of locations in this game.

  • Nomville: This is a fictional city that has tall buildings and a suburban area.
  • Storm Drain: This map will be unlocked at Mission 3. This location is full of zombies who run toward you.
  • Magic Forest: This forest has many magical things.
  • Robot Factory: The new location will be unlocked at Mission 14. You should watch out for robots running toward you.
  • Market: The Market map will be unlocked at Mission 20. The obstacles in this map are not only trains but also cars and trucks along the road.

Log-in rewards

Another interesting feature of this game is its log-in rewards. If you log in and play this game every day, you will get many valuable rewards. The rewards are coins and diamonds. On the seventh day, you will claim a treasure chest that contains many diamonds and coins. You can use these coins and diamonds to purchase new alien characters and join wonderful adventures. It is possible to say that the log-in reward is an important factor that keeps the players' toes.