The Adventurous Journey of Duo Vikings

Let's join the search for the treasures of two Vikings in Duo Vikings. Help them to evade various dangers to collect coins before reaching the exit portal.

The hunt for coins

As its name suggests, this game takes you on a thrilling adventure of two Vikings in different dangerous lands to search for treasure. In this adventure, their destination is an ancient castle where each room hides three gold coins. Your mission is to come to each room of the castle to collect gold coins and leave it safely. Let's guide and switch between the characters, utilizing their unique skills to progress through the game. Besides, you should watch out for guards in the castle because they will hurt your character when you get caught. If one of the Vikings is eliminated, the game is over. Remember that this castle has 21 rooms. You must collect enough 60 coins in 20 levels, which is a key to unlock the 21st room. The final room has no hazards or guards. Instead, it is full of coins. You must collect all 58 coins in this room before reaching the exit portal. The exit portal will open when both characters stand in front of it.

Special abilities of two Vikings

Understanding and utilizing the special abilities of two Vikings are crucial when you playing this game. Note that the special abilities of these characters are different from each other. For example, you can guide the small Viking to jump high to reach higher platforms. In addition, the weapon of this character is a big hammer, so he is able to use it to crush all breakable walls in the room. In contrast, the bigger Viking is not able to jump high. Instead, you can control this character to use his shield to fly from the high platform. He can use his shield to defeat the guards in the castle.



Use the A-D keys to move.

Use a W key to jump.

Use an S key to use the hammer to hit opponents.


Use the Left-Right Arrow Keys to move.

Use an Up Arrow Key to jump.

Hold an Up Arrow Key if you want to use the shield to fly.