Simple and addictive gameplay of Thumb Fighter

Try playing a casual fighting game called Thumb Fighter now. Guide your thumb to hit your opponent's thumb and score 2 points first to get a victory.

Thrilling combats between two thumbs

This game captivates you with its straightforward and intuitive gameplay. In this game, you will dive into battles between two thumbs. You must guide your thumb to pin down your opponent’s thumb. Your rival will lose blood when his thumb gets hit. Similarly, you also lose your blood when your thumb is attacked. Two thumbs of two players keep attacking each other until the blood bar of one player is empty. The winner will get one score. Normally, the game has two rounds and the first one to get two points first in these rounds will become the victor. However, if two players have the same score in two rounds, they have to join the third round to determine who is the ultimate winner.

How to control


Use an up arrow key or a W key to control your thumb.


PLAYER 1: Use a W key to control your thumb.

PLAYER 2: Use an up arrow key to guide your thumb.

Game modes in Thumb Fighter

The most dominant feature of this game is its game modes. Like Poor Bunny, this game also offers two game modes. In this game, you can select between the P1 vs P2 Mode and the P1 vs CPU Mode. The CPU Mode allows you to join the thumb war with the P1 vs CPU. Meanwhile, the P1 vs P2 Mode allows you to invite your friends to play with you. Both game modes allow you to choose the thumb characters before starting the thumb war. Note that there are a total of 40 thumb characters in this game. You need to unlock them before using them.