The principles of Big Shot Boxing

Big Shot Boxing is an awesome action game that allows you to start your boxing career. Punch your rival to earn more points than your opponent.

Join boxing combats

If you are interested in boxing, do not ignore this game. In this game, you transform into a boxer. You must join many boxing fights to become a professional boxer and earn as much money as possible. Note that each boxing battle has 4 rounds. Each round lasts 1 minute. Within 1 minute, you must punch your rival as many times as possible to earn points. Note that throwing uppercuts will help you earn more points. Besides, you also need to defend to avoid the attacks of your enemy. Try to earn more points than your opponent to become the winner of the boxing combat and earn a lot of money. You can use your money to upgrade your health, power, chin, and recovery.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to guide the boxer to move left or right to punch the opponent.

Press an X key to control the boxer to throw an uppercut.

Press a Z key to defense.

Playable game modes of Big Shot Boxing

The game includes two game modes including Novice and Professional. If you just started to play this game and want to start your boxing career, you should try the Novice Mode. This game mode allows you to battle with novice boxers. This is a great chance to practice your boxing techniques. If you are a professional boxer, you should choose the Professional Mode. This game mode requires you to join the boxing fights against stronger opponents. However, the rewards of these fights are better. Think carefully to choose your suitable game mode.