The playing rules of Dice Puzzle

Check out Dice Puzzle which is an interesting puzzle game. This game tasks you with reorganizing the dice to combine three or more dice of the same number.

Combine the dice

Your mission in this game is to move the dice from the bottom of the screen to the 5x5 grid. You must arrange these dice and make sure that three or more dice of the same number are placed next to each other. These similar dice will be combined and a new dice with a higher value will be created. You will get many points and coins after merging the dice. Note that this game has no time limit, so you can spend many hours combining the dice. Moreover, you can rotate the dice before moving them to the grid. In addition, you are allowed to know the next dice you must move. I advise you to think carefully and plan in advance before placing the dice. Try not to let the grid run out of space if you do not want to lose soon.

Destroy the dice

If there is no more space to place the dice in the grid, you can use the bombs. The bomb can destroy many dice in the grid at the same time. When you run out of bombs, you can visit the power-up store to purchase more bombs. Each bomb costs 200 coins. Therefore, try to accumulate as many coins as possible and use them to buy many bombs. Another way to get bombs is to merge five or more dice of the same value.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to move the dice.

Release the left mouse button to place the dice onto the grid.