An exciting journey in Doodle Jump

Dive into a thrilling adventure with a green alien in Doodle Jump. Reach the highest platform by jumping and collecting the power-ups in the sky.

Reach platforms

If you are looking for entertaining games such as Merge Fruits, this game is the best choice. Let's play this game which will take you on a wonderful adventure. In this game, you will play as a green alien who tries to jump on the highest platform. You will be rewarded with a lot of points when jumping. You should jump on safe platforms and evade dangerous platforms. Here is the list of platforms you should know.

  • Green platforms: These platforms are safe, so you can jump on them.
  • Icy platforms: These platforms are slippery, so you should be careful when jumping on them.
  • Blue platforms: These blue platforms are movable.
  • Yellow platforms. They are known as shifting platforms. When you jump on them, they will change their position.
  • White platforms: These platforms look like clouds. When you jump from them, they will disappear.
  • Brown platforms: They are known as broken platforms. If you jump on them, you will fall off. Therefore, try to evade these broken platforms.
  • Exploding platforms: When you jump on them, they will explode and you will fall off.
  • Holographic platforms: These platforms look like UFO. They will disappear and reappear in a different position when you jump on them. Therefore, you should think carefully before jumping on the holographic platforms.

Collect power-ups

During the adventure in the sky, you should gather the power-ups that assist you in jumping higher and earning the highest score.

  • Jetpack: You should wear a jetpack to fly high at a fast speed.
  • Propeller hat: If you collect and wear a propeller hat, you can fly higher without jumping on platforms.
  • Spring: If you jump on springs, you can bounce higher.
  • Trampoline: This power-up has the same function as the spring.
  • Spring shoes: You should pick up and wear spring shoes to jump higher. Note that you can shoot and jump on monsters when using these shoes.
  • Force shield: You should collect this shield to protect yourself from the monsters' attacks.

How to control

Guide the character to jump to the left or right by using the left-right arrow keys.

Hold the spacebar if you want to shoot at monsters.

Thrilling monster battles in Doodle Jump

Besides daring adventures, this game also offers interesting monster combats with monsters in the sky. They will attack you to make you fall off. Therefore, you should shoot at them when encountering them. Here are some dominant monsters in this game.

  • Blue Winged Monster: This monster can fly from left to right and vice versa,.
  • Oval Green Monster: This monster can shoot fire, so you should watch for it.
  • Rachael Von Monster: This monster stand on the platforms and shoot at you.
  • The Terrifier: When it gets hit, its body will turn yellow and disappear.
  • Large Blue Monster: This monster is giant and is able to bounce on two platforms.