Interesting gameplay of Gacha Panic

Welcome to thrilling battles in Gacha Panic! Use Gacha pons to get new friends who will help to defeat monsters to earn as much money as possible.

Getting new friends

Like Vampire Survivors, this game also offers an endless gameplay. In this game, you will play as a girl living in a little city. One day, his city is invaded by monsters. Therefore, you have to fight against these monsters to protect the city and earn money. However, firstly, you should find Gacha Pons where you can meet new friends. These friends have strong powers, so they can help you to defeat the monsters in the city.

Fighting against monsters

The battle in this game is super exciting. Because the enemies will become more powerful gradually, you should be quick to get as many strong friends as possible to take down them. If your friends can defeat many monsters, you will be rewarded with a lot of money and points. You must use your money to pay the rent. If you cannot earn enough money before the time is over, you will be evicted. Play the game now and let's see how long you can survive and what is your highest score.

How to control

Press a Z key to start the game or run.

Use the arrow keys to guide the character to move around.

Creator and release date

Gacha Panic was inspired by Gacha Life and was developed by a game developer team including squidly, SouthRiverPoet, Astropulse, LurkerVen, blanketc, and Tina. They did their best to create the game and released it in April 2024. The game was launched as a pixeled HTML game and is playable on both PC and mobile devices.