The gameplay of Hills Of Steel

Hills Of Steel is an awesome action game that takes you on exciting tank battles. Drive your tank to destroy your rivals' tanks on the hills.

Choosing power-ups

At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose between three power-ups. These power-ups will be displayed at random. These power-ups have different effects, which assist you in tank combat. Here are some dominant power-ups in this game.

  • Super health: This power-up helps to raise the health of your tank.
  • More Damage: This power-up will boost the damage power of your tank.
  • Headshot: This power-up helps to eliminate enemies with headshots.
  • Less Recoil: If you use this power-up, shooting is more stable
  • Executioner: This power-up helps to destroy low-health enemies
  • Low Gravity: You can use this power-up to decrease the gravity of your opponents.
  • Fury: This power-up can be used to increase damage at low health.
  • Death Bomb: If you use this power-up, you will deal damage to nearby targets upon death.

Daring tank fights

This great game takes you on exciting tank fights on hills. In each fight, you must drive your tank to climb on the hills and battle with your rivals. You must shoot constantly to destroy their tanks. Moreover, you can collect the wooden boxes which can help to fix your tank. Your ultimate is to take down all enemies to complete the level and earn as many gems as possible. These gems can be used to purchase new tanks in the garage.

Like Traffic Jam 3D, this game also offers many levels. On some levels, you must encounter the foes driving giant tanks. To complete these levels, you should prepare well.


Use the A-D keys to drive your tank to move left or right.

Use a Q or B key to use the power-ups.

Use the spacebar to shoot at the rivals.