Simple Mechanics of Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout combines the timeless appeal of the classic arcade game with the innovative concept of idle mechanics. Remove bricks to earn the highest score.

This game follows the familiar gameplay mechanics that is to task you with clicking the left mouse button to remove the bricks in the playing field. Clear all bricks to level up. When you move to the next level, a new set of bricks will appear and you must continue to remove them to earn points. Note that in the higher levels, you must remove the bricks with higher value. Therefore, you must click on each brick many times to eliminate you. However, clearing high-numbered bricks helps you to gain more points and money. Check out this game and Merge Fruits when you have free time now.

How to control: Click the left mouse button if you want to eliminate the brick in the playing field.

Buyable items in Idle Breakout

Various balls

  • Basic Ball: With its affordable initial cost of 25, it is the starting point for you. This standard ball bounces off walls and breaks bricks, providing a reliable and versatile tool for progressing through the game's challenges.
  • Plasma Ball: Initially priced at 200, this ball inflicts 25% damage to nearby bricks upon impact. Its unique ability to affect multiple bricks simultaneously offers you an advantage in clearing clusters and accelerating your progress.
  • Sniper Ball: Priced at 1,500, the Sniper Ball exhibits a specialized bouncing behavior. It intelligently redirects itself toward the nearest brick, aiding you in targeting specific areas of the playing field. The Sniper Ball's precision shots enable strategic gameplay, allowing you to break bricks strategically and optimize your progress.
  • Scatter Ball: The Scatter Ball, available for 10,000, introduces an intriguing mechanic that creates additional single-hit balls. Upon bouncing off a wall, the Scatter Ball generates extra balls at 50% of its original power, enhancing your ability to break bricks rapidly and efficiently. This ball rewards you with a chain reaction effect, leading to accelerated progress and higher scores.
  • Cannon ball: With an initial cost of 75,000, the Cannonball packs a powerful punch. It smashes through bricks, disregarding your defenses and clearing a path with sheer force.
  • Poison Ball: The Poison Ball, also priced at 75,000, introduces a strategic element to the game. Upon impact, it infects bricks, causing you to receive double damage. This ball synergizes well with other balls, amplifying your effects and enabling you to strategically target and eliminate specific bricks for maximum efficiency.
  • Snow Ball: The Snow Ball, obtained through a clickable power-up or by collecting 600 bricks, possesses a unique attribute that evolves as the game progresses. With each bounce, the Snow Ball gains both power and speed, becoming increasingly potent. This ball rewards you for skillful and strategic shots, allowing you to unleash its growing power on the bricks as the gameplay unfolds.

Useful power-ups

  • Cashed Up: This power-up presents you with the opportunity to earn double the money. This financial boost accelerates progress by increasing the rate at which you accumulate resources.
  • Click Frenzy: This is a high-intensity power-up that unleashes a flurry of powerful clicks. Each click during this frenzy either spawns scatterballs or inflicts x10 damage. This power-up rewards you for their dexterity and timing, encouraging them to click strategically for maximum impact. Click Frenzy empowers you to clear bricks faster and achieve higher scores by capitalizing on moments of intense action.
  • Demon Core: The Demon Core power-up introduces a wave of devastating damage. As you activate this power-up, waves of destructive energy sweep through the playing field, obliterating bricks in their path.
  • 2X Gold: This power-up is a limited-use enhancement specifically designed for gold bricks. When activated, it doubles the value of the gold brick, providing you with an opportunity to earn a substantial amount of resources. This power-up requires you to strategically identify and target gold bricks, maximizing their return on investment and accelerating their progress in the game.