The gameplay of Neighborhood Defense

Welcome to Neighborhood Defense where you must fight against zombies. Try to protect your city from zombies by building different towers along streets.

Types of towers

Your city is in danger because many zombies are entering your city. To save the peace of your city, you must eliminate all zombies on the streets now. Let's build different towers which can help you to take down zombies. Besides, you can use special abilities to eliminate the opponents directly. Note that you will lose if 15 zombies can escape. Therefore, be careful and try to clear all waves of zombies.

Types of towers

There are four types of towers.

  • Archer Tower: This tower is equipped with a precise archer who fires sharp arrows at the invading enemies. Its shooting speed and accuracy are unmatched. It does have a long-range, but it is effective against both ground and flying enemies.
  • Bomber Tower: This tower launches a bomb that creates a significant impact within the explosion radius. The shockwave generated by the explosion deals extra damage to the enemies. This tower is only effective against ground enemies.
  • Sniper Tower: This tower features a soldier who uses a sniper rifle to take down targets from a great distance. It has the longest range but the slowest rate of fire. The sniper is effective against both ground and flying enemies.
  • Magic Tower: This tower launches a magical ball that creates a significant impact. The magic tower has a high range and can inflict great damage from a long distance. This tower is effective against both ground and aerial enemies.

All levels in Neighborhood Defense

Like Tower Defense, this game also offers many interesting. There is a total of 32 levels in this game. At each level, you are challenged to earn three stars. Your ultimate goal is to complete all levels and accumulate enough 96 stars. Remember that winning these levels also helps you to earn many coins which can be used to upgrade the towers in the game.