The playing instruction of Rogue Soul

Welcome to the exciting adventures of the thief in Rogue Soul. Your goals are to defeat various enemies, collect loot, and survive as long as you can.

Thrilling adventures

This is the prequel to Rogue Soul 2. This game revolves around a thief called Rogue Soul. He is always confident in his skills. However, one day, he finds a wanted poster for Robin Hood who has a 5000 soulon bounty. He is too angry because this person has a bigger bounty. Therefore, he is determined to do better and become the most wanted thief in town. He starts his adventure in the town to steal the loot in the town.

When joining this game, you will transform into a thief who has to navigate through various obstacles and collect coins, cups, and loot. Note that you can jump or utilize the parachutes to overcome big holes or reach higher platforms. If you want to make a double jump, you should pick up the Souly flower and give it to the nearby princess.

Battles with different rivals

Besides embarking on an interesting adventure, you also need to join heart-pounding combats with different enemies. Your foes can be spearmen, archers, captains, brutes, assassins, and black captains. They use different weapons and have great fighting skills. You must use your sword or throw daggers to defeat your opponents along the way. Furthermore, quick reflexes and fight skills are also important factors that help to protect yourself from the attacks of the enemies.

How to control

Use a down arrow key to drop down from a platform.

Use an F key to slide down.

Use an up arrow key to jump or defeat the enemies.

Hold a D key to use the parachutes.

Use a G key to use the daggers to shoot down the enemies.

Use the left-right arrow keys to guide the hero to move left or right.