Playable game modes of Super Bomberman 4

Check out Super Bomberman 4 which is the fourth version with innovative gameplay mechanics. Use bombs to destroy the monsters and find the portals.

Normal Mode

Like Touchdowners, this game also features two game modes. The first game mode is the Normal Mode which requires you to defeat monsters of Balgular. Let's move around and drop bombs to destroy the obstacles and enemies. You will earn many points after eliminating a monster. After all monsters are taken down, an exit portal will appear. You should enter it to move to another map. Note that this mode has two sub-modes which are the 1-Player mode and the 2-Player mode. You can choose the 2-Player mode and invite your friend to join the battle with you. You and your friend will cooperate to murder all monsters and break Bagular's plan.

Battle Mode

The second game mode is the Battle Mode. This game mode allows you to invite up to 4 friends to play with you. All players will play against each other or play as two teams. In the bomb fight, you must go around and drop the bombs to eliminate other bombermen in the arena. If you are the final survivor, you will become the winner and move to the stage.

How to control

Use an X key to choose or drop bombs.

Use the arrow key to control the Bomberman to move around.

Note: If you play the 2-player mode, you need to use the game controller.

Various power-ups in Super Bomberman 4

This game offers diverse power-ups, which is similar to Vampire Survivors. There are two types of power-ups which are staple power-ups and recurring power-ups.

Staple Power-ups

You can find these power-ups in all stages of the game. Here are some dominant power-ups with different effects.

  • Full Fire: This power-up helps to raise the bomb blast radius to destroy further enemies and obstacles.
  • Fire Down: You can use this power-up to the bomb blast radius.
  • Bomb Down: This power-up helps to decrease the number of bombs.
  • Skate: If you want to run faster, use this power-up.
  • Kick: If you can collect this power-up, you can kick the bombs away from you.
  • Boxing Glove: You can wear the boxing glove and punch bombs away from you.

Recurring Power-ups

These power-ups are rare because they appear in certain stages and game modes of the game. Here are some recurring power-ups you can collect.

  • Remote Control: If you can collect this power-up, you can detonate a bomb.
  • Bomb Pass: If you have this power-up, you can go through bombs freely without getting hurt.
  • Vest: If you collect this power-up, you will become invincible.
  • Heart: If you can collect a heart, you will have a chance to continue the game after being murdered.
  • Clock: You can find this power-up if you play the Single Player Mode. It helps to add additional time to the timer or freeze the timer.