Exploring The Little Giant

Let's start thrilling adventures in The Little Giant now. Take control of a little cube to collect black dots and reach the white portal as soon as possible.

The prologue

A little cube lives in a world of giant people. Every day, the giant cubes often mock him. This makes the little cube very sad. It is said that there is a magic portal that helps everyone become more powerful and bigger. Therefore, the little cube decides to start his journey to find this magic portal.

An exciting adventure of a little cube

When playing this game, you will transform into a little cube that is on its way to find the magic portal. This portal is white. You move left or right and jump on platforms to reach the white portal. Note that you must collect all black dots before entering the magic portal. Besides, you also need to take caution with dangers while finding the portal. The hazards can be movable buzzsaws, bouncing balls, giant buzzsaws, spike traps, rotating shuriken, and so on. Remember that crashing into these obstacles or falling the platform results in failure, so be careful! Jumping as high as possible and being patient are the best ways to succeed.

Like Om Nom Run, the game is also famous for its intriguing levels. There is a total of 60 interesting levels featuring different challenges. If you can master all skills, I believe you can beat all challenging levels in this game and help to fulfill the dream of the little cube.

How to control

Use the left-right arrow keys to guide the little cube to move left or right.

Use an up-arrow key to guide the cube to jump.

Press an up arrow key twice to make a double jump.