Funny gameplay of Blob Wars

Let's take part in Blob Wars and show off your strategic skills. Move and clone your blobs to capture as many squares on the board as possible.

Choose rounds and boards

At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose the number of rounds of the fight. The battle can have a single round, three rounds, or five rounds. You should think carefully before selecting a battle with many rounds because it will be a long and challenging fight for you. In addition, you can select between 6 types of boards. The shape of the board will dramatically affect the strategies you apply in combat.

Start blob fights

In this game, you will join the war between cute blobs. Your mission is to move your blob to an open space on the board. After being moved, the blob will be cloned. Therefore, a new blob will appear and capture a square of the board. Note that the blob cannot move too far. It is allowed to move within the highlighted squares. Note that you can assimilate the blobs of your rival. The game will end when all squares of the board are filled with blobs. Your ultimate objective is to capture as many squares on the board as possible to become the winner.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to move your blobs.

Playable game modes of Blob Wars

Like Animal Arena, this game also presents two game modes which are the 1-Player Mode and the 2-Player Mode. The 1-Player Mode allows you to take part in the blob combat with the computer player. Meanwhile, the 2-Player Mode allows you to invite your friend to join the blob war with you. You and your friend will take turns using the mouse to move the blobs.